England – 05/09/2011Leading UK housebuilder simplifies the moving process with cutting edge Mastermove scheme

Redrow Homes, one of the biggest housebuilders in the UK, is offering buyers an alternative to the usual methods of purchasing and selling houses with their exciting new Mastermove scheme. In three easy steps, buyers will be able to choose their new houses, sell their old ones and be moved in quicker than you can say one, two, three. As well as taking the hassle out of the buying and selling process, the scheme can also save vendors a great deal of money as the agents fees are removed from the equation.

With the housing marketing as changeable as it has been over the past few years, the prospect of being stuck with a property which cannot be sold, or of having to sell at well below the market value has put many potential home movers off making the move. Innovative schemes like this will help to get expanding families into new houses which suit their lifestyle much better without the risk of losing their dream home because they fail to sell their existing property. See how it works at www.redrow.co.uk.

Leaders in the development of new houses

The reputation of Redrow homes precedes this scheme and they are widely recognized as being a leading home building organization throughout the UK. The new houses on offer from Redrow are typically of an extremely high quality, designed to complement the location they are being built and are in a number of highly desirable locations throughout the country.

Talking of the Mastermove scheme a Redrow spokesperson said, “There is nothing more frustrating than finding your dream home and not being able to finance it because you are having trouble selling your old one. Redrow know this, and this is why we have introduced this scheme where we take the onus of selling the property out of the client’s hands and into our own. Because they are trying to buy one of our new houses, its in our best interests to sell the clients property for an agreed value as quickly as possible.”

Buyers can also take advantage of Redrow Homes’ many competitive financing schemes, which include an interest free loan for a large proportion of the deposit on new houses, part ownership schemes as well as minimal deposit arrangements, see www.redrow.co.uk for details.


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