England – 15/07/2011 – UK based online firm ‘Dining Solutions Direct’ offers home delivery of a wide range of food and drink products, including wine, fish, meat and poultry, desserts and much more.

When it comes to getting all of the key ingredients together for dining – whether for a feast for a large group of guests or instead for one person after a tough day at work – it can be difficult to source the best quality and most suitable food and drink, for the right price. With the emergence of Internet shopping, however, increasing numbers of people are bypassing the sheer inconvenience of driving to the nearest supermarket for a limited range of products, in favour of instead searching online. This is where restaurant-quality food and drink retailer Dining Solutions Direct comes in.

Dining Solutions Direct, with its website at http://www.diningsolutionsdirect.com, is an independent British company that specialises in providing shoppers with high quality food and drink products. The company offers gourmet foods for consumption in the comfort of one’s own home, minus the prohibitive price tag for which such food tends to be sold in a restaurant. The company’s range includes everything from a selection of wines and hors d’oeuvres to buffets and starters, vegetarian meals and desserts.

Top quality frozen food

Every food product that Dining Solutions Direct offers is frozen using the Frozen At Sea (FAS) and Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) methods, ensuring customers of flexibility with no sacrifice in quality. Dining Solutions Direct has an easy to navigate and informative website that highlights just some of the many foods that it stocks. It delivers its products free of charge direct to the customer’s door, with the help of fully police CRB background checked distributors.

A Dining Solutions Direct spokesperson stated: “We specialise in some of the best quality, restaurant-style food and drink products from across the world, with a website that allows shoppers to browse by such categories as Hors D’oeuvres, Fish, Meat & Poultry, Buffet and Starters, Children’s Menu and so many more.”

Great numbers of people are now shopping online for the very best quality food and drink products. This would appear to place Dining Solutions Direct, with its online presence at www.diningsolutionsdirect.com, in a particularly advantageous position to win business amongst discerning food shoppers over the coming months and years.


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