England 14/11/2012 – Demand for landscaping in Essex is strong, but the industry is currently in a state of flux

When it comes to landscaping Essex is a County where many companies and private individuals still hire somebody to carry out this type of work for them. People in the County definitely feel that the way the outside of their home looks is just as important as the way the inside of their home looks.

If you drive around Essex, you will notice that many private gardens are highly stylised and groomed. The same is true of the grounds of offices and factories. The density of population and commerce in the County means landscaping firms, in the area, are kept busy.

However, of course the recession has had an impact on the industry. People have less disposable income, so are choosing to spend it differently. In many cases, this means cutting back on gardening services. However, landscapers in the county have adapted to this and changed the way they do business. As well as traditional full scale landscaping services, many now offer landscaping enhancement services. This approach allows property owners to choose to add something like a paved patio area with large signature pots to transform the overall look of their property. This is far less expensive than landscaping the entire area.

The impact of climate change on landscaping in Essex

The industry has also had to adapt to a changing environment. Climate change has definitely affected the County of Essex. Plants that had previously grown well there are no longer thriving. Therefore, many landscape gardeners in the area are changing the kinds of plants they offer their customers.

The fact that the county has come under threat of floods so frequently has actually created the opportunity for more work for some of the County’s landscaping firms. When it comes to landscaping, Essex is a relatively flat county. This means that floodwaters spread fast and far. Firms like Stewart Landscape are finding that people who live close to rivers and on floodplains are increasingly interested in using landscaping to protect their homes. This has created a small but significant pool of new clients for this very experienced landscaping firm.


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