Sales of Security Products Remains Strong

Sales of Security

England 31/10/2012- People are spending more on security gates, grilles, and wireless alarms than ever before

The recession has bought most firms problems. For many firms work has dropped off at an alarming rate. However, some industries have seen sales rise rather than fall, and this is true of some sectors of the security industry. Sales of security grilles, wireless alarms, and security gates have been far stronger than many in the industry anticipated. There are several reasons for this, but, oddly, it looks like the recession is the main reason.

Despite the fact that crime has fallen, rather than risen since the beginning of the recession, many people seem to feel the opposite has happened. Many believe that they are at greater risk than they were before the recession began. Their rationale is that as people struggle to find jobs or to make their dwindling income stretch more people will be drawn to crime. Again, there is no evidence that this is happening, but people are worried it might, so are therefore taking steps to protect their property.

The constant news stories circulating about metal theft, also feed this belief that proper protection is needed for their property. However, this is a crime that is increasing. In addition, metal thieves are getting less choosy about what metal they take. They are beginning to target machinery, vehicles, and all sorts of other metals. It is not only businesses that are under a real threat from these thieves. They are already targeting sports clubs taking their cups and trophies. They are also targeting Indian families taking their elaborate gold jewelry, much of which has been passed down through the generations.

Simple security steps are the most popular

However, that does not mean that people are splashing the cash when it comes to security. Far from it, firms like Securifix have noticed that new clients are going for easier cheaper options. Putting up security gates and grilles can be done quickly and it tells potential thieves that the owner of that property takes security seriously, which acts as a deterrent. Wireless alarms are one of the quickest and easiest alarm systems to install, so these are very popular too.

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