11/12/2011 – popular Forex broker Sunbirdfx now allow traders to download their mobile trading software, Metatrader. This can be downloaded to either the desktop or PC, or as a handy app for the iPhone or android phones.

The Sunbird Forex Metatrader software has fast become one of the most popular currency trading platforms since it was first implemented at the Sunbirdfx website. The fact that is now available for download to mobile devices will be great news to Forex traders around the world, who will now have access to the software when on the move.

The Sunbird Forex software offers a comprehensive analysis of the market and allows users to trade from the most convenient device at the time. many mobile Forex trading applications lose something in functionality when making the leap to mobile devices, but this is not so with the Metatrader software, which is as functional as ever. In fact, security for the application has been increased and there are even 30 indicators available at the touch of a button.

The software is available as a free download from SunbirdFx and is sure to be a great asset which will allow traders to trade much more conveniently than ever before, ensuring that they never miss a trading opportunity ever again. One of the biggest draws of the software is that it allows the user to set alerts. This will be music to the ears of many traders who, are known for having to keep themselves glued to their computer screens at all times in order that they never miss an opportunity. Well, now they will be alerted as soon as something important happens in the market, allowing them to do other things safe in the knowledge that they won’t miss anything important.

About Sunbird Forex:

SunbirdFx are a Forex trader who have been around since 2005, although they have many more years of experience in the Forex market. They offer commission free trades to their members, along with some of the most innovative and flexible Forex trading platforms currently available.


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