If you’re running operational excellence programs and need inspiration for how to better align your Lean Six Sigma initiatives with your organization’s strategic objectives, then this webinar presented by i-nexus CEO and founder, Paul Docherty, is not to be missed.

Ten years ago, the primary focus of executives leading op ex programs in large organizations was how to effectively scale their Lean Six Sigma initiatives to maximize return on their investment. Today it’s a very different story as executives are now wrestling with the added demands of making their Lean Six Sigma efforts sustainable, and more importantly, ensuring that they are in line with strategy execution requirements.

Join Paul on Wednesday 25th May as he sets out how the emerging discipline of Business Execution can help address today’s challenges. Paul will share his experiences of how leading global organizations are making their Lean Six Sigma efforts more strategy-focussed and sustainable by integrating them with Hoshin Planning and Balanced Scorecards. He will outline how, by doing so, these organizations are successfully creating robust, closed-loop Business Execution systems with which to effectively execute their strategies.

Focusing on the experiences of early adopters, Paul will also highlight what you need to put in place to successfully implement Business Execution, and how you can best assess your readiness to take the next step.

Register for the webinar on Wednesday 25th May, 10-11am ET/ 3-4pm BST, at http://www.i-nexus.com/news/lean-six-sigma-webinar.html. Find out more about Business Execution and how it can improve your organization’s strategy execution at www.i-nexus.com

Notes to editor:

1.      Paul Docherty, Chief Executive Officer, i-nexus. Paul was a co-founder of i-nexus in 2001, and has spearheaded its rapid expansion into the preferred global deployment partner for Lean Six Sigma and Strategy Execution programs. His understanding of the challenges of embedding Six Sigma and other performance improvement methodologies into the fabric of organizations comes from his experience coaching senior management teams in many Global 500 companies and from leading the deployment of Six Sigma at Marconi. Paul holds a Master of Engineering in Computer Systems and Software Engineering from the University of York and an MBA from the University of Warwick.

2.      i-nexus are leading providers of specialist software that enables global organizations to turn business goals into results. We offer business execution strategy software for specialist business execution plans. Used extensively by industry heavyweights such as Pfizer, Nestle and Alstom, i-nexus Business Execution software is helping global organisations in both the public and private sectors to translate business goals into actions, plan and drive implementation of those actions and subsequently track the achievement of goals. The first web-based application to truly ‘close-the-loop’, i-nexus is helping executives in leading global organisations to align, mobilize and focus the efforts of many thousands of employees every day in pursuit of their goals.

3.      Further details about i-nexus can be seen at www.i-nexus.com

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