Co. Armagh, United Kingdom (22 October 2010) – CSC, leading UK and European provider of fuel cards, announce that their fuel card terminals have been upgraded to the new MCS 3M system.

These high-security systems have full online authorisation capabilities, and employ all of the latest security technology to provide fleet managers with the peace of mind they need when organising and distributing different vehicles across the EU.

This new system’s security capabilities entail that any fuel transactions made will be monitored in real time, so that any fraudulent activity can be stopped without delay. For added user convenience, because the MCS 3M system accepts both magnetic stripe and chip cards, all users of CSC’s fuel cards will be able to take advantage of this new high-tech system.

“We believe in providing only the most high-quality security technology we can get in this industry, because we understand that any part of any job involving card transactions is open to all manner of different security issues,” commented Craig Anderson of CSC. “We want to protect those using our fleet cards in every which way we possibly can, and with this innovative and convenient online system, fleet managers can effectively monitor each and every single transaction made on any of their fleet cards, at any time. We hope that our continuous employment of only the most technologically-superior Fuel Card security systems will encourage more companies to use our services for managing their fleet, and we will endeavour to continue finding new ways to make our security systems airtight to ensure one-hundred percent peace of mind for our clients.”

To find out more about CSC’s expanding network of fuelling stations and their Fuel Card services, go to or ring 02838 842832.

About CSC: is owned by CSC Group. CSC Group is a family-owned business, which currently owns one of the largest fuel cards in Ireland and continues to grow, with annual turnover of 40 million litres of fuel.


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