London, United Kingdom (22 March 2011) – Metal Design Furniture, a leading online retailer of metal beds, home accessories, fences, garden furniture and gazebos, have recently supplied metal furniture to several castles, villas and estates situated across Europe.

Metal Design Furniture has recently become the furniture supplier of choice in the renovations of several European castles, villas and estates that in history, served as the Austro-Hungarian and Italian nobility’s summer residences.

Some of the buildings the company furnished, many of which today function as hotels, restaurants, museums or ceremonial/functions spaces, included the Podvin Castle, furnished with Castrum chairs; the Kromberk Castle, equipped with Oliver chairs; the Villa Preseren, furnished with Classico beds and the Classico sofa; the Zemono Manor, decorated with the Classico sofa set; and finally the Villa Bartolomei, furnished with Castrum chairs.

“As these sensitive heritage buildings undergo delicate renovations, requiring preservation of the old whilst adding the new in a respectful style, Metal Design Furniture’s classic yet contemporary feel and the reliable quality of our advanced technology provided the right balance,” commented a spokesperson for Metal Design Furniture. “We are thrilled to have been sought-out and chosen to renovate these historic buildings, contributing what we believe to be an elegant and modern touch that doesn’t compromise the natural beauty of the wonderful architecture.”

For more information about Metal Design Furniture’s selection of indoor and outdoor metal furniture, visit their website at or call 020 8144 6621.

About Metal Design Furniture:

An up-and-coming London-based metal furniture manufacturer, Metal Design Furniture have already started to make a name for themselves for the lovely elegant features of their own brand of metal and iron furniture. Their range includes bed frames, garden furniture, home accessories, fences, and gazebos, all manufactured in Europe, and they retail their furniture all across the UK. Metal Design Furniture offer customisable and bespoke, contemporary metal furniture which can be easily adjusted to different spaces and uses, but without the designer price tag.


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