England 14/2/2013 – In the current economic climate, it is important for firms to keep tight control of their overheads especially the cost of running their business premises

One of the biggest business overheads UK firms have is the cost of running their offices and other business premises. Rents are still relatively high, especially in the capital; so many firms opt for serviced offices. West End firms certainly do because the cost of buying an office in that area of London is prohibitively expensive.

Most firms realise that renting their office space rather than buying it makes business sense. Renting office space gives a firm the flexibility to move should they need to. It also means that they do not have a large amount of capital tied up in a building. However, not all firms realise the advantages of renting an offices with services included in the cost of the monthly rent.

With a serviced office, a firm knows exactly how much running their office will cost for the next year. The cost of electric, water, rates, internet connection, security and cleaning are all included in the rent. There is no need for a firm to go out and hire security, IT and cleaning staff. Additional facilities such as conferencing rooms and reception staff can be hired on an as needed basis. This keeps payroll to a minimum and ensures that money is not being wasted on space that is empty and unused most of the time.

The wisdom of using a established office leasing firm

Given all of this, it is no surprise that firms are choosing serviced offices. West End based firms who turn to Targetspace get a great choice. They have hundreds of fully or partially serviced offices with as W1 postcode. The fact they have been leasing out offices in the area for several decades means that they fully understand the needs of West End firms. They tailor their service to meet the exact needs of each firm, which is why many firms have been leasing offices from them for several years. Many of them are based in the iconic 32-storey office building, Centre Point situated at the heart of the West End.



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