England – 01/11/2011Instead of losing business CCTV monitoring companies have gained more customers since the recession.

Despite the recession providers of monitored alarm and CCTV systems have seen their businesses grow. The industry as a whole had braced itself to lose, rather than gain, customers as firms looked at their overheads and cut back where they could. Much to their surprise the main area of growth has been their CCTV monitoring service.

Why CCTV Monitoring Has Become So Popular

The summer riots in the UK lead many firms to review their security and a lot decided that CCTV monitoring was the right service for them. They realized that alarms only told them someone was breaking into their premises, but did not give them any more information than that.

With a monitored CCTV system they can see exactly what was going on within seconds of someone entering their premises. Plus because the system is manned 24/7 they know their property is being looked after 24/7. Not only do the clients get sent the images when their CCTV cameras are activated the personnel in the monitoring centre can see those images too and can, if necessary, call the authorities. This ensures that the right people arrive to deal with the problem before too much damage is done.

The other thing that attracts businesses to CCTV monitoring is the fact that they are great for gathering evidence. This evidence enables the police to catch the culprits and to prosecute them successfully. For businessmen and women the fact that justice gets done and they save other people from being a victim of those criminals is important too. The more firms that include CCTV monitoring as part of their security system the better it is for society as a whole. The harder it is for criminals to carry out crime.

Aim Monitoring has been providing monitored alarms and CCTV monitoring to the UK for many years now, and they have never been so busy. Their customer base has grown from only large multi-nationals to small businesses and homeowners. They are responding to this new market by offering more tailored and affordable systems.


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