February 26, 2013, TORONTO, ON CANADA – Another victim has successfully seen the resolution of their disability benefit dispute thanks to a leading firm of Toronto insurance lawyers. The 39 year old man had been unable to convince his insurance firm of the validity of his claim and was facing a life with no job stability, income or financial assistance and the agony of a debilitating illness. Thankfully the insurance lawyers were able to substantiate his claim and win him the money he so desperately needed.

Charles Robinson, a 39-year-old truck driver, had been preparing a meal in his kitchen one evening after work when he passed out and hit his head on his kitchen countertop, coming to later disorientated and in pain. Shortly after his seizures began; he then underwent a long series of medical assessments and was ordered to take leave from work. During this time, he applied for short term disability through his group insurance plan and was approved. It was only following the crushing diagnosis of epilepsy, spelling the end of his career; that he ran into trouble. His short term disability benefits ran out and he was not approved for long term benefits.

Despite numerous appeals backed up by his neurologist, Charles was told he had insufficient evidence and his insurance company wouldn’t budge. The situation seemed hopeless. It was only after he turned to Share Lawyers, the leading personal injury lawyers in Toronto; that he started to make progress. After meeting for a free consultation, he knew they were the right firm to help him win justice and had enough experience to fight on his behalf.

Sure enough, Share Lawyers were able to substantiate Charles’ claim and prove that he was in fact disabled and eligible for long term disability benefits. A lump sum has been negotiated that will enable Charles to live comfortably until such a time he is able to undertake a different job. Charles is delighted, after his long and arduous battle he is finally able to focus on his own health without worrying about making ends meet. He believes Share Lawyers are the best personal injury lawyers in Ontario.

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