Co. Armagh, United Kingdom (22 October 2010) – CSC, leading UK and European provider of fuel cards, announce that their fuel cards can now be used to pay for daytime and overnight parking at Euro Truck Wash sites across Europe.

To increase the convenience offered by their fuel cards, CSC decided to reinforce their partnership with the renowned truck wash company, Euro Truck Wash, to offer current and potential users of their fuel cards the opportunity to track not just fuel expenditure and fleet washes, but also the parking fees for staying at truck stops day and night.

It is hoped by the company that this will make claiming back expenses from employers a thing of the past, as CSC wish to simplify the process involved when trying to manage a fleet. By having fleet cards on offer that serve as multi-functional payment for truck washes and parking, all of the things that truck drivers have to pay for can be easily managed by using just one card.

“When we realised just how difficult it could be for truck drivers to actually claim back on their expenses from employers, and how laborious it was for employers to keep track of which employees required their expenses to be refunded and how much they actually needed, we thought it was the ideal opportunity to team up with Euro Truck Wash once again to make fleet expense management even simpler,” commented Craig Anderson of CSC. “For fleet managers looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for keeping track of all fleet expenses, our partnership with Euro Truck Wash undoubtedly makes us a top consideration. We hope to continue this partnership and expand on the capabilities of our Fuel Cards as our network of fuelling stations expands.”

To find out more about CSC’s network of fuelling stations and their fuel card services, go to or ring 02838 842832.

About CSC: is owned by CSC Group. CSC Group is a family-owned business, which currently owns one of the largest Fuel Cards in Ireland and continues to grow, with annual turnover of 40 million litres of fuel.


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