England – 05/08/2011 – UK based online firm ‘Peugeot Direct Leasing’ specializes in the best deals for Peugeot car leasing, covering a wide range of models.

Car leasing has long won favour amongst many UK motorists as an alternative to actually buying a car, and there are many different reasons for this. Some of those who choose to lease a car do so as a means of avoiding having to save up for a large initial outlay, whilst others may be attracted to the opportunity to exchange their car for a new one at the end of each contract, without having to worry about substantial depreciation. Whether one opts to buy or lease a car, however, one of the most popular manufacturers is Peugeot, which has created a demand for Peugeot car leasing services.

It is in order to respond to such demand with aplomb that Peugeot Direct Leasing, with its website at www.peugeotdirectleasing.com, has been established. Peugeot Direct Leasing offers a series of advantages to those who have an interest in Peugeot car leasing. It supplies its cars directly from the manufacturer’s dealer network, and delivers them free of charge to the customer’s premises or home.

Comprehensive Peugeot car leasing deals

Peugeot Direct Leasing’s Peugeot car leasing deals are available to sole traders, limited companies and private individuals, and include Road Tax, Breakdown Assistance and Warranty, which allows for greater peace of mind when a purchase is being made. The company also has a wide range of UK locations, which increases the chance that a UK customer will be able to access its Peugeot car leasing deals close to where they live.

A Peugeot Direct Leasing spokesperson stated: “If your eye has been caught by a new Peugeot recently – whether you’re interested in a trusty city runabout such as a 107 or 207 or are instead looking for something bigger such as a 5008 or a Tepee – you really couldn’t choose a better Peugeot car leasing specialist than Peugeot Direct Leasing. We offer the best deals and a high standard of customer service.”

With so many people now using the Internet to search for great deals on Peugeot car leasing, Peugeot Direct Leasing would appear to be well-placed to benefit from the increased business coming through its website at www.peugeotdirectleasing.com.

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