England – 15/11/2011UK based firm ‘YBS’ manufactures the most innovative insulation materials for the needs of the construction industry.

At a time when so many homeowners the length and breadth of the UK are struggling to make ends meet amidst the country’s continuing economic uncertainty, the building industry has been subjected to the inevitable knock-on effects. Companies working in the construction industry, then, need to be able to offer real benefits to their consumers, with insulation products that are genuinely cost-effective as well as of a high quality. The homeowners that they serve, meanwhile, need to be able to see the real financial benefits of the insulation products that they have installed, in the form of lower energy bills that result in the insulation measures paying for themselves over time.

It is to serve the building industry’s insulation needs at times both good and bad that YBS exists. The company specialises in the manufacture of innovative insulation products for the walls, roof, floors and ducting. Having been established in 1994, today, YBS continues to grow from strength to strength, with a website at www.ybsinsulation.com that showcases the firm’s in-depth product range.

Trade suppliers of insulation for every purpose

The insulation products that YBS offers include, for the floor, SuperFloor, Foil-Tec Single and Foil-Tec Double, whilst the company’s range of roof insulation products include Breather Foil FR, ThermaFlect Roof Board and Roofers Choice. The firm’s generous selection of wall insulation products, meanwhile, ranges from AirTec Cavity Wall to SuperQuilt Cutter Knife. YBS also specialises in HVAC Wrap ducting insulation and cavity closers such as Cavi Mate EPS and Type-R, and even garden building insulation.

An YBS spokesperson stated: The construction industry has hardly had the easiest of times over the past few years, so every competitive advantage that a company in this industry can get is invaluable. By investing in insulation products from YBS, you can be assured of the most innovative, cost-effective and high quality insulation for an incredibly wide range of homes.”

Increasing numbers of firms in the building industry are using the Internet to source good quality trade suppliers of home insulation products. This should place www.ybsinsulation.com in a strong position to succeed over the coming months and years as it continues to respond to strong demand for roof, wall, floor and other insulation products.


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